Netflix K-drama Alchemy of Souls Season 2, Episode 7,8 Latest Spoilers and Reactions

Here are my spoiler-filled thoughts on the latest 7 and 8 episodes of the Korean drama “Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow” Season 2, now available on Netflix. Episode 7, in which Yul is rescued from death by bloodworms, was super exciting, but one scene made me laugh. I want to talk about the scene that caused the most problems for me!






Today, I’d like to talk about my impressions of Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow episodes 7 and 8, with spoilers.




Next week, episodes 9 and 10 will be released.
That’s the last episode.

Season 2 is coming to an end, and it all happened so fast.

I haven’t seen the show for a while, so I showed you the first 6 episodes all at once.
I was even more excited to see the end of the season 2. I had a strong feeling that it was over in a flash.

And then episodes 7 and 8…
It was very interesting.
I felt that the story was getting more and more exciting toward the climax.


What I thought was particularly interesting was, first of all, the scene in question.
The scene in episode 7 where you saved Yul. I think there are a lot of people who thought that scene was really, really, really, really bad.

The scene in question is the director.
Hoyom took out a soul like this from Yul.

Hoyeom takes out the soul from Yul and puts it in Buyeon’s mouth.

And there, well, what I was imagining was not a ball like that, but something like a soul.

I thought it would be a kind of smoke like soul, but there was a scene where a round ball came out and went straight into the mouth of the buyeon.

But there was a scene where a round ball came out and went straight into Boo-young’s mouth.
I thought it would have been better if they could have used some kind of technique to clean it up a little.
I thought there could have been a little more ingenuity.

I was a little surprised at the scene that made me want to say, “Director, you are doing this on purpose.

After that, he saves Yul, but when he comes back, Bu-Yeon kisses Yul with a kisser.
Yul. And that in itself is fine.
But the director was like, “Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on.
It was really interesting to see how the old man was getting more and more agitated.

Episode 8 was a bit more serious. The scene where he saves Yul was serious, too.
Episode 8 was like Buyeon’s memories as Naxu were coming back to him.

It’s like they’re building up to the climax of the episode.
I still can’t forget that scene in episode 7.

I think it was the highlight of the first episode of season 2.

Yes, next week will be the last episode, but I wonder what the final episode will be.

Will it be as Buyeon or as Nak-su?

Well, Uk’s feelings are getting a little bit high, but…

But I think Uk is a bit too masculine and he doesn’t go out with Buyeon when she’s talking about Uk
But when he says, “I’m going home,” I’m like, “Why?
I thought that Uk is so cute.

Well, we are going to the 9th and 10th episodes, and next week will be the last one.
I heard some news that the viewer ratings are not so good and even went down a bit, but I hope they will continue to be good for the finale.
I hope that the finale will go well.

Today, I would like to talk about the latest episode 7 and 8 of “KANZOKURI”.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, I hope you will watch the scene where the mouth-to-mouth problem occurs.

See you later!

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