Netflix K-drama The Glory Part 1, all 8 episodes, Spoiler and Reaction

I watched all of the first half of the Korean drama “The Glory: Glorious Revenge” available on Netflix and here are my thoughts with spoilers. The first bullying scene in this revenge drama starring Song Hye Kyo is seriously painful, but you will be attracted to the main character, Dong-eun, who dedicates her life to revenge.






Netflix K-drama The Glory Part 1, all 8 episodes, Spoiler and Reaction



Today I watched the first 8 episodes of “The Glory” in one sitting.

I’d like to share my thoughts about it with spoilers!

It’s a revenge drama starring Song Hye Kyo.
It was released on December 30th on netflix.

It’s the morning of January 2nd, and as of now, it’s ranked number 2 in Japan, so it’s a drama that’s getting a lot of attention.

It’s a heavy drama that you can’t watch lightly, but it’s very interesting.

I would recommend this drama to be at least 4.3 stars on the 5-star scale!

There are a few highlights and interesting points.

The bullying scene goes extreme.

The story is about Dong-eun (played by Song Hye-gyo) who was bullied in high school and tries to get revenge on her former tormentor.

In order to make the viewers sympathize with her, especially in the first episode, she shows scenes of being bullied thoroughly.


The level of bullying is quite shocking.
The teacher is the one who protects the students, but one of the bullies has a very strong parent, so it is difficult for him to say what he wants to say.

There is a scene where the teacher, who is also on the side of the bully, beats up Dong-eun (played by Song Hye-kyo) to a pulp.

This was the most shocking scene for me.
The drama is structured in such a way that we can support her revenge, not to say that we are relieved to see her go through with it.

The second highlight
Song Hye Kyo, who plays Dong-eun, has been playing the role of a mysterious beauty or a fragile beauty, but she is so cool.

She is literally devoting her life to revenge.

I think there was a miniseries on Netflix just this time last year called “My Name.

It’s a similar revenge drama that reminds me a little bit of that.
This time, the protagonist is not physically strong, but mentally strong.

The main character starts out poor, but with revenge in his heart, he gets into college by himself and finds a job by himself.

In that sense, it is a very successful story, and I think it is well structured in a way that makes you want to root for the protagonist.


Thirdly, this is a very small part, but there is a sub-character or partner, a middle aged woman played by Yeom Hye-ran, who is the only one who makes me laugh.

She is the only one who can make us laugh, and even though the drama is quite serious, she does funny things that heal us and make us feel relaxed.


So basically, it is a revenge drama, but the motive for revenge is well motivated and the dark content makes you hope that it will go well and kill them all.
I think that is the key or interesting point of this revenge drama.


The second half of the drama will be released in March this year, and I’m really looking forward to it, but there is still a lot of foreshadowing or homework left to be done.

First of all, there is Dong-eun’s mother.
I know that she is still alive, but I think it will be interesting to see how the mother who once betrayed her daughter will react when the time comes to betray her again.

Then there is Yeo-jeong, a doctor and a potential love interest.

Yeo-jeong’s father was also killed, and I think that it will be a highlight to see how Yeo-jeong’s revenge will turn out.

The murder of middle aged woman Hyeon-nam’s husband that I told you about earlier.

That’s still another homework assignment.

And above all, revenge against the four people who bullied him.

This, too, remains to be done.
Two of them are already dead, including the teacher.
So, how are we going to finish them off?
How to end the story is also a highlight, but there are only 8 episodes left, so I wonder if the story will be over soon.

I’m a little worried that it won’t be easy to finish it unless we finish it all at once.

I can’t wait for March to come. It was a very interesting drama and I recommend it to everyone.

I would like to recommend it to everyone. See you again!
Good bye.


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