Netflix Alchemy of Souls Part 2 Latest Episode 9 Spoilers & Reactions

Netflix Korean Drama “Alchemy of Souls” Part 2, Latest Final Pre-Episode Episode 9: Reactions with Spoilers. The climax of part 2. Part 2 is almost over, but here we are at the climax of part 2. It’s the god episode of the second part. Jin Moo is up to no good again… and it’s up to Sejin, Wook, and Buyeon to solve it!




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Netflix Alchemy of Souls Part 2 Latest Episode 9 Spoilers & Reactions




It’s episode 9, the last episode before the final episode of Season 2 of Soul of the Returned.
I would like to share my spoiler impressions.

Well, I didn’t feel like it would end after 10 episodes.
But then things took a sudden turn in episode 9. The plan to exterminate the soul returners made by Jin-mu is suddenly carried out.
I don’t mean suddenly, but the Seijin-sama has been planning it for a long time.
Here we finally got to see Wook and Sejin together again.

This was good and interesting.

Episode 9 was really a
It was a divine episode with many other highlights.
It was really interesting.

From the beginning, there was something like “I’m the only one at this distance” so that Buyeon’s blue eyes wouldn’t be seen.
That part was also very cute!

Bu-young also said, “This distance is only for you,” and there was a scene that made me feel a little bit touched.

I felt that he was skipping right from the beginning.

He had 78 souls to return, and Jin-moo had prepared 78 of them.
But Wook ended up using a kind of alter-ego technique and it was over in a second.
So it ended surprisingly quickly.

So, I didn’t see the duo with the Sejin-sama for a very long time.
So, I didn’t see him and Sejin-sama together for a long time, and the duo ended early. I think it would have been more interesting if they had started from the previous episode.
I don’t feel that it would have been more interesting if they had pulled it out a little more from the previous episodes.


Anyway, I am glad that the turtle came back.
I thought the turtle did the best job.

The turtle goes into the sea, and in that scene, I thought, “Hmm? I thought it was a little bit strange.

I don’t think that turtle is a sea turtle or a tortoise. 。。。。

I thought it was a freshwater turtle.
I thought it could also go to the sea, and the most surprising scene was that it was a turtle that was also ok with sea water.

I’ll leave those details aside.
I think it is God’s turtle, so I am sure it is OK with anything.

In the end, Buyeon slowly stabbed Jin-mu to finish her off, and she gradually died.
It was like a magic trick.
But in the end, Jin-moo is revived later.

There’s one more episode left.
I was wondering what they were going to do, so I had to make it exciting, so they still need Jin-Moo.


After the Jin-moo incident, Bu-yeon and Nak-soo will all live happily with Wook in the distance. It was a story like that.

But now Jin-mu is back, and the queen is dead.
Jin-mu is like, “Let’s team up with the king and get eternal life.
And then the people who were on the good side actually betrayed the king. And then later on, the so-called good guys actually betrayed the king.
And then we find out that the former master is actually a bad old man. It’s really a lot of things to see in 9 episodes.

There were really a lot of exciting and sudden developments in the 9 episodes.

What was even more surprising was the real last part of the episode, where everyone cried in front of the three sets of ashes.
There was a scene where everyone was crying in front of the three sets of ashes.

I guess those ashes are Choyeon’s mom, Kim Do-joo and Jin.
I think that’s what they were crying about.

I was really surprised already.
It’s too painful.

But I think that the last part of the story is that Wook will be able to bring her back to life.
I am hoping that Buyeon will bring him back to life or something like that.

We’ve already had a crazy nine episodes since the next episode is the last one!

I’ve talked about the 9th episode of “The Soul of the Returned Part 2.

So I’ll see you next time, goodbye.


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