Netflix First Love Spoilers and Reactions Tear-Jerker J-drama

Here are my spoiler-filled impressions of all 9 episodes of the Netflix drama “First Love: Hatsukoi”. Japanese drama starring Takeru Sato and Hikari Mitsushima. I couldn’t stop watching the drama while I was saying “Hey, hey, hey, hey! with tons of tears.






Netflix First Love Spoilers and Reactions Tear-Jerker J-drama



It made me cry. I was so happy to see the main characters, who were a high school students at that time, fulfill their first love. I was so drawn in by the story…I happened to be in university when first love was a hit. This drama reminds me of better sweet memories. I am pretty sure that I am not an exceptional case. I took it all in for a while after watching the show.


The last part, the ending…
Yae, played by Hikari Mitsushima, follows Harumichi, a wandering pilot around the world, to Iceland.
They are reunited and become a pilot and a cabin attendant together, and happily ever after!


I liked these parts of “First Love

You can enjoy various Takeru Sato and Hikari Mitsushima.
→Takeru Sato is a self-defense officer, a security guard, a pilot, in civilian clothes, and in dowdy sportswear. Hikari Mitsushima is a cab driver, a doctor’s wife, a factory worker, a cabin attendant, a mommy looker, a dassal looker, and a traveler.

Takeru Sato’s dowdy sportswear is impressive. And then there’s the pilot uniform look in the last one, which is still badass.
Hikari Mitsushima looked good in everything. The scene where she is made to wear the new Gucci? The scene where she is made to wear new Gucci was beautiful, and right after that, she switches to the factory uniform. Above all, the cab driver uniform was cool. It made her look reliable.


First Love
→It’s a great song, isn’t it? I remember the kiss scene when I was a student, and the miraculous comeback of Utada Hikaru’s CD in episode 8.
I cried when the CD of Utada Hikaru, which had been lost somewhere in episode 8, made a miraculous comeback and brought back memories. Hikari Mitsushima’s tearful performance was amazing. Is there anyone who can watch this without crying? (It’s impossible.


Foreshadowing and script
Utada Hikaru’s CD that was missing.
the postage stamp buried in the time capsule,
the “cigarette flavor,”
lilac, Neapolitan,
sign language,
cream soda… Every scene in the drama is not a waste of time.

It was slow but packed with substance.


I cried a lot
List of scenes that made me cry
1. the last scene, the reunion in Ireland, the hug, and the kiss.
1. Yae’s memories come back in FirstLove
3. Message of encouragement from Wantaro who was rejected. Wantaro is irresistible! Don’t run away, Yahide Noguchi! Look forward! Breathe in and lean forward! Even if you’re hurt, even if you’re miserable, you have to jump into life.
4. Speech at his sister’s wedding


And shooting in Hokkaido, in overseas location, and at the set? I liked the Hokkaido location a lot
I also liked the music, of course.


Here are some parts that I didn’t get in “First Love”


1.Being amnesiac…….this is an old Korean drama…….
2.Leaving Sae at the restaurant even Harumichi had broken up with fiancee.
 I’m happy with the result, but I wonder why he didn’t say yes right away. ・・・・ I don’t know why…
3.Anyway, I hope Kaho(ex fiancee) will be happy. I’m watching “silent” too, so I can’t help but feel sorry for Kaho……can’t someone give me a drama that can make Kaho happy?


I hope this drama will be a hit and more good Japanese dramas will be created on Netflix!

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