Netflix Alchemy of Souls Part 2 Final Episode 10 Spoilers & Reactions

Spoilers and Reactions for Netflix’s “Alchemy of Souls” Part 2, Final Episode 10. The resurrected Jin-mu plans to resurrect the firebird and take the world into his own hands. Wook and Bu-yeon try to stop Jin-mu’s plan with the help of their friends. What will be the fate of the world and the ending that Wook and Bu-yeon choose?




Previously on Alchemy of Souls Part2, episode 9




Netflix Alchemy of Souls Part 2 Final Episode 10 Spoilers & Reactions




I watched the last episode 10 of the Soul of Return Part 2 and I would like to talk about my impressions with spoilers.

First of all, Wook and Bu-yeon!
They get married safely under the watchful eye of Dr. Lee!

This is the typical Korean drama lovey-dovey time!
It goes on for a while.

Meanwhile, the revived Jin Moo is heading to Jindeokwon to retrieve the firebird eggs.

Kim Do-ju and the director try their best to stop him, but they can’t win.

Jinwangin begins to fall apart.

They try to stop it, but it doesn’t work out.
But it didn’t work, and by the time Jin came to save them, they were trapped inside the building.

Jin cried a lot when he saw that.
This part made me cry a lot.


After that, Jin gets angry and goes to Jin Moo, right?
Jin Jin is very strong and tries his best.
But Jin M stabbed Jin M in the back and died.
Jin died in the end.

The three deaths lead to the scene of the ashes at the end of episode 9.
I thought it would be sad, but it turns out that they are all alive.

I thought it would be sad, but it turns out that everyone is actually alive.
This was a bit premature.

I believed that they were still alive, but this development was so fast.
I was a little surprised.

In the end, Bu-young saved Kim Do-joo and the director, and Jin was saved by Dr. Lee.
Jin was saved by Dr. Lee. I’m glad to hear that he’s okay.

But my relief was short-lived.
I’m going to start the ritual to revive this firebird.

Wook is fighting with everyone to stop it.
Wook is so strong that he and Jin-moo and the other members of the Manchangkai, you know…
He defeats Jin-moo and the other members of the Manchangkai, including Grandpa, in just a second.

Jin Moo, you know, Moo Duk is back after all these years, but Wook is just too strong.
But Wook is still too strong.
I think that’s one of the things I regret about Part 2, Wook is too strong.

And the firebird dared to resurrect Mudoku after all.
So I decided to make Mudoku disappear.
So, he sends the firebird to the lake.
Wook then attacks the firebird that flew into the lake.
And that was the end of the story.

During this time…
Buyeon changes his memory from Naxu to Buyeon and kills the firebird. So Naxu himself was in a state of unconsciousness.
Naxu himself was in a state of unconsciousness.


After safely settling down at first glance
Bu-yeon surrenders his body to Naxu.
Wook and Naxu also return to their original forms and live happily ever after.

That’s one year after the seemingly successful settlement.

Dang-gu and Chae-young have twins.
Kim Do-joo and Jin have a scene where they might have had a child
Yul becomes the new head of the Sejin Pavilion

Sejin-sama becomes king.

Wook and Bu-yeon go on a trip to search for some of the vessels that have escaped from Jindeokwon.

In the last scene, Muduk and Buyeon look like Naxu or Muduk.
The two of them have changed their characters to look like the old Mudoku, and the dialogue between the two of them
The ending was very reminiscent of part 1.

Episode 9 and 10 were pretty rushed.
I was satisfied with the dynamic scale of the show, as you would expect from Kantoku.


This is the conclusion of the KANKAN series.
Looking back, my favorite episodes were

The interaction between Wook, Mudok, and Naxu.
It was very fast-paced and interesting.

The fact that there were so many good looking guys was also very interesting.


The bromance between Wook and the world’s leading man was my favorite part, as it had me laughing every time I watched it.

The best part is the grand scale of it all!

I still remember the first episode of part 1.
I felt that Korean dramas have reached the next level.

On the other hand, the part 2 was a bit more complicated…
As I said before, Wook was too strong.
I think it’s a bit of a reflection of that.

Another thing is that Kim Do-joo and Jin appeared too much.
They made me laugh, but I felt they were a little too much.
I think they were a little too much.


And the director of the Zhengyang Hospital is a bit too complicated.
I think that’s one of the things I regret.
It was a very important role.
But it was a role where I had to say “no” to everything.
When the director of Zhengyouin came out, I had a feeling that he was going to say “aha”.

Yes, I may have said something negative at the end.
But it was a very interesting drama.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch it!

Well then, I’ll see you again.



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