Disney Plus J-drama “Gannibal” Latest Episodes 1-3 Spoilers & Reactions based on Comic Book Horror/Suspense

Here are my spoiler-filled impressions of the latest 1-3 episodes of the drama “Gannibal,” now available on Disney Plus. Drama adaptation of the manga of the same name starring Yuya Yagira. The ending of the original story is also mentioned. Daigo, a police officer assigned to a village where cannibal culture still exists, tries to solve the mystery of the village… This is a serious horror story that is surprisingly serious in spite of the Disney theme. The action scenes are just as powerful as in the movies!






Disney Plus J-drama “Gannibal” Latest Episodes 1-3 Spoilers & Reactions




Today I would like to talk about “Gannibal,” a Japanese drama available on Disney Plus.

I see that there are three episodes available for streaming at this point.
I watched them.

I started it kind of casually, but it is very scary!

It’s a horror-suspense drama based on the manga of the same name.
When I hear the name “Disney”, I have an image that it’s very family oriented.
But it’s quite a horror drama!


Let me give you a brief synopsis of the story.
Daigo is a police officer stationed in a village.
Yuya Yagira plays him.

Daigo is going to a village where there is a meat culture.
The village has a meat culture.

There is a family called the Goto family.
There is a family called the Goto family, and there is a little bit of trouble there.
That’s the story in a nutshell.

The story starts off in a very creepy way.
From the very first episode, you’ll be drawn into the story.


There are a few things to watch.

The first is
Rather than horror, I think there is a strong element of suspense.

There are scary scenes, but there are also a lot of mysteries.
Why did the policeman who used to be stationed there disappear and why did he go crazy?
There’s still quite a bit of mystery.


Second, action.
There are quite a lot of action scenes.
I mean, there are quite a lot of violent scenes.
The Goto family, too.
They attack without regard to the law.
It’s very out of the ordinary.

I felt like “Is this really Disney? I want to check it again and again.
It’s so violent that it makes you want to check again and again.

There is a mysterious character called “You-Know-Who” in the movie.
The depiction of “That Man” is a little bit cheap, but it’s not that bad.
Anyway, there is a lot of action.

Every time, it’s like a scene from a movie.
There are many dynamic action scenes.


This is the main character Daigo, played by Yuya Yagira.

Daigo is played by Yuya Yagira, and he is just as crazy as ever.
In most horror movies like this, the main character and the sub-characters are quite damaged.
I think the main character and the sub-characters are victims of this kind of horror movies.
In most cases, the main character or sub-characters are the victims, or they just have to endure the horror.

Daigo, however, is just as crazy as the rest of us.
He even shot and killed a suspect in the past.

He even shot a suspect in the past.
Daigo is also a violent person.
He’s not just a victim.
I think this is one of the factors that make the drama so interesting.


That’s why I watched Gannibal.
The manga of the same name has already ended, so I saw some spoilers.
I saw a spoiler, but I was able to confirm that Daigo is going to come back safe and sound.

I haven’t looked at the other characters that closely, but…
So there may be people who don’t want to see the manga if the main character dies.

But I hope you don’t worry about that.

I watched it casually, but I was so drawn in by the story.
I can’t wait to see what happens next!

I highly recommend this drama to everyone!
Gannibal is now available on Disney Plus!

Please check it out!


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