Gannibal Latest Episode 5 Spoiler and Reaction Disney Plus

I watched the latest 5 episodes of the Japanese drama “Gannibal” available on Disney Plus and here are my thoughts with spoilers. Daigo meets writer Utada through Kyosuke, whose face was eaten as a child. And as a midwife, he reveals the existence of Gin, who is suspected of taking the village’s children.




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Gannibal Latest Episode 5 Spoiler and Reaction Disney Plus




Today I watched the latest episode 5 of Gannibal, and as usual I want to share my thoughts with you, with spoilers!

Episode 5 is the one that introduces a lot of new characters.

Episode 5 began with the continuation of Episode 4, which ended with a shocking close-up of Kyosuke’s screen.

And this week Sabu-san was annoying again.

Who did he talk to on the phone?
I think it’s really annoying to be questioned like that.

But this time, Mr. Sub seems to have been eaten by his daughter Kanako’s child…
I feel a little sorry for Sabu-san too, thinking about his grandchild being eaten.

I also wonder why the people in the village don’t leave, I wonder if that will be revealed later.

There are a lot of new characters in this issue.

First of all, there is Utada, the writer.

And then there is Munechika, the head priest of a shrine.
Well, Utada seems to be a friend of mine, but I wasn’t sure about Munechika.

Utada seems to be a friend of mine, but I don’t know about Munechika. I felt that Utada might die after that.

It was as if a flag of death had been raised.

And especially Gin-san, who was the only midwife in the village and a member of the Goto family.

Gin-san, as a child midwife, helped her give birth, and then
I think it is a strong theory that she was sacrificed before the registration of the family register.

Well, in recent years, Gin-san has already passed away, so…
So that means someone else is taking Gin-san’s place.

So there are some new characters, and it gets a little spooky.
I felt a bit creepy.

There were 5 scenes in this episode that made me laugh a little. It was Kyosuke, wasn’t it?
I feel sorry for him because his face was eaten.

But since his mouth is also eaten, Kyosuke is a bit tongue-tied.

His acting is amazing, but when Daigo receives the text message from Kyosuke, it is a bit like a replay of Kyosuke’s words.
I think his acting is great, but when Daigo receives a text message from Kyosuke, the text is repeated in Kyosuke’s words.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the way you kept your tongue in your mouth in the drama.

I couldn’t help but laugh at that part.
It was very interesting.

I always think about Daigo’s mental toughness.
This time, even Munechika told him to leave the village.
But he still said he would stay in the village.

I think he is becoming very stubborn. I don’t know if I am stubborn.

Every time I think of my children, I wish they would leave the village right now.

Yes, so this time too I was very gung-ho, rushing in and out of the village.
I watched it all in one sitting with a shudder.

I’m looking forward to seeing you again next week.

See you again!



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