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韓国映画「釜山行き」TRAIN TO BUSAN 2016年韓国で大ヒットしたゾンビ映画

韓国で2016年公開になり世界中で大ヒット&話題のゾンビ映画「TRAIN TO BUSAN」、釜山行きのUK向け予告編が公開。撮影舞台裏やポスターなどをまとめました。

韓国映画「釜山行き」TRAIN TO BUSAN 予告編





ヨンサンホ監督による本作の前篇「Seoul Station」 予告編


? " Train To Busan 2 " ✌️ Gong Yoo, who took on the role of Seok-woo, expressed his interest to be part of the sequel. He even talked to the director about the possibility of his character living as a zombie, as per a Movie News Guide report. However, Director Sang ho said Seok-woo already died when he fell off the train. But based on the conversation between Gong Yoo and Sang ho, the director may have already hinted Train to Busan 2’s storyline. There have been speculations that the plot can go in two directions. One, the sequel can be about the rehabilitation of the area; or two, the movie can follow a narrative arc from a zombie’s perspective. If the latter plot happens, this could mean Ma Dong seok will be back to reprise his role as Sang hwa. The publication posed a question, “what if Dong seok return as a leader of the zombies?” ? Though Gong Yoo may not be part of the sequel, he is still providing updates about the film. Last Sept. 13, he posted a tweet on his Twitter account, which confirms that the Korean hit movie will indeed have a sequel. [ #traintobusan #부산 #부산행 #드라마 #busanhaeng #Kmovie #movie #Busan #GongYoo #KimSuan #JungYuMi #MaDongSeok #AhnSoHee #ChoiWooShik #KimEuiSung ]

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