Netflix Interest of Love, the Latest 9, 10 Reactions The price of the VOLVO that Mi-kyung said she could throw away.

Here are my spoiler-filled reactions of the latest 9 and 10 episodes of the Korean drama “Interest of Love” on Netflix. Sang-soo and Soo-yeon are rapidly approaching each other. Mi Kyung realizes Sang Soo Soo’s feelings for her and gets upset. She gives him a VOLVO as a gift and tells him to throw it away if he doesn’t accept it, but the price is…




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Netflix Interest of Love, the Latest 9, 10 Reactions




I watched the Korean drama “Interest of Love” and episodes 9 and 10, which are available on Netflix, and I would like to share my thoughts with spoilers.

Episode 9 and 10 were a lot of fun, I think there were a lot of things to watch.


Let’s go one by one!
First of all, Soo Yeon and Sang Soo get close again!
This is the best part.

First of all, in episode 9, a VIP died and the two of them go to the funeral together on a business trip.

On the way home, they have a date at the beach.
That scene was really beautiful.

Soo Yeon’s smile, which she doesn’t usually smile, was so comforting.

The two of them walking on the beach was really sparkling.
The barefoot scene was also beautiful.

Sang-soo looked so happy, you could tell.
His eyebrows are always in trouble, but when they are together, he looks so happy.
It was very impressive.

He never shows that kind of face to Mi-kyung, so I felt a little sorry for Mi-kyung.
I felt sorry for her in that episode.


At the end of episode 9, when Soo-yeon is waiting for the train at the station and is thinking about breaking up with Jung-hyun, she says with tears in her eyes like a little devil.
I wondered how far she would go with that. I mean, it’s like, “How far is she going to go with this?

I think that’s the charm of that scene.
It was a great scene.
There are also a lot of highlights in episode 10, like when the two of them take a walk on the hillside leading up to the university.

The part where they walk on the hill leading to the university was also very good.

The pauses in their conversation were great.
And they ask each other things they would never tell their girlfriends.
I could feel that they were honestly answering each other’s questions.
I could feel that they were answering each other honestly.

And then we made an appointment to go to a restaurant for dinner.
Sang-su is waiting for her at the meeting place.
But Soo Yeon decides to cancel the date.

There was a scene where she overlapped with herself from episodes 2 and 3, and it’s just like that.

In the end, Sang-su realizes this and goes after her, but Soo-yeon really seems to be rooting for her.

I thought, “How much does she hold on to her roots?
I mean, how much does she cling to her roots?

And then, after he stalked her, they went on a date at an ice rink!

This is Sans’ home turf, you know.
He seemed to have a lot of fun.

Sans’ confidence is really cool.

When he looks a little insecure, it makes him look a little unreliable, but when he looks confident, he looks really cool.
They both looked like they were having a great time, and the kiss was a nice touch that you would expect from them.
But it’s no good, it means they cheated on each other!

Especially since Sang-soo has been so lazy with Mi-kyung for a long time.
Now I can’t support him anymore.


I’m not a Sang-su person anymore. I’m sorry, but Sang-su is the main character.
It’s a shame. These two were the best highlights of Sooyoung and Sang-su, but there were many other highlights.


First of all, Mi-yeon is my favorite Mi-yeon, but her acting was too good.
I was really surprised by her acting in episode 9 when she showed her jealousy.

She has been playing the role of a cheerful and honest young lady, but she showed a little bit of upset expression.
I think the interesting thing about episode 9 was that we got to see a side of Mi-kyung that we hadn’t seen before.


There were a lot of scenes that made me pull away. I think she was a little out of control.

He took Sang-su to a party with his friends and Sang-su had to pay for the party.
I was surprised to see that he paid 1,280,000 won, which is more than 130,000 Japanese yen.

At the end of episode 8, there was a scene where Sang-su and Soo-yeon had a secret meeting at the hotel.
But in the end, it turned out not to be that way.
Soo Yeon, who has had enough of Jung Hyun, spends a night at the hotel.

So the scene was about Soo-yeon spending some time alone.
It just so happened that the editing was a little mean.

I don’t know if I would have said anything, but it was a scene that didn’t have much to do with anything.


And Jung Hyun, his stock keeps going down.
It’s not good.

It’s down for the second year.
I thought he was a very smart character, but no good.
And the money, well, I feel sorry for him and his family, but still…

But still, he took the money in the end, which is a fact.
I think that was a negative point as well.

Do we need Jung-hyun anymore? I don’t know.


I think the most interesting part of the story is this.
The right reaction when you find out that the ex-boyfriend of your current girlfriend is a colleague.

When Sang-su finds out that Mi-kyung and Kyung-pil were together, he tells her that he’s sorry for not telling her.

Sang-su reacted that it was okay because it was in the past, and they both reacted as if they were not mad at him.

I don’t feel good about it right now, I guess.
They were both friends and girlfriends, and the fact that they had been together in the past meant that they had already been together.
I think she would have wanted to know when they started dating, or at least when they started dating, but I understand that it was hard for her to say.

I’m not sure what the right reaction should have been.
Should I have been angry?
It’s hard to say.

What did everyone think?


I was interested in Mi-kyung’s wide range of skills, from Kyungpil to Sang-soo, lol.

And then Mi-kyung gave Sang-soo a VOLVO car.
I googled how much it costs and it’s at least 10 million.

I was surprised.


I was really surprised to hear that they would give away a 10 million yen car and throw it away if they didn’t want it.
So I was really surprised.

Mi-kyung, you’re so rich that I don’t even know what you work for.
I was so surprised.

So I’ve talked a lot about episodes 9 and 10, but there’s more to come after episode 11.

I’ve talked a lot about episodes 9 and 10, but I’m sure episode 11 and beyond will be just as exciting.

I’ve talked about episodes 9 and 10 of the Korean drama Interest of Love.
I’ve talked about it.

Well, I’ll see you soon.

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