Netflix The Interest of Love, Latest Episodes 1-6 Spoilers & Reactions Adult Romance Drama Emotion or Reason?

I watched the Korean drama “The Interest of Love” available on Netflix from episode 1 to the latest episode 6, so here are my spoiler and reaction. It stars Yoo Yeon-seok, and Moon Ga-yeon. It’s a romantic drama for adults, and you should watch it anyway, up to episode 3! And let me know what you think about the strongest character, Mi-kyung lol.




The latest reactions on The interest of Love is here



Netflix The Interest of Love, Latest Episodes 1-6 Spoilers & Reactions




This time, I’d like to share my thoughts on the latest episode 6 of the netflix romance drama “The Interest of Love.””
I’ve watched the latest episode 6 and I’d like to talk about my impressions with spoilers.

There are still 16 episodes to go in this drama. I’m still in the middle of the drama, so it’s only the 6th episode.
I’m just about to start the middle part of the drama.

It stars Yoo Yeon-seok and Moon Ga-young.
Here’s a brief synopsis of the last 6 episodes.

Sang-su, played by Yoo Yeon-seok, works at a bank.
He falls in love with Soo-yeon, a senior colleague.
However, Su-yeon is a high school graduate who has not been able to rise in the ranks of the bank.
Soo Yeon is a high school graduate who has been unable to advance in the bank and has been feeling alienated.





One day, Sang-su invites Soo-yeon out to dinner, but she is running late for work.
So he rushes to the sushi restaurant, but stops suddenly at the intersection before the restaurant.
I wonder if it’s really okay for him to be with Soo-yeon. I’m not sure I can handle Soo-yeon.
I’m not sure if I’m really okay with Soo-yeon as my partner.

Soo Yeon happened to see me thinking about it, and she could tell that I was having a hard time.

And then there’s Jung Hyun, the security guard who is also attracted to Soo-yeon.
This is played by Jung Karam.
Soo-yeon responds to Jung-hyun’s confession and they start dating.

Jung-hyun is also very kind, but Jung-hyun wants to be a policeman.
Jung-hyun wants to become a police officer.

He wants to become a police officer, so he takes the civil service exam.
But the day after the exam, they lost contact with each other.
In the latest episode 6, we haven’t seen each other in a while, but there was a scene where they suddenly parted ways in a park at night.

I was like, “What’s going on?

There is one more important character.
This is Mikyung.



She is Sang-su’s junior in college.
She is a junior in college, and she fell in love with Sang-su.
But Sang-su was troubled and after jogging together in the latest episode 6, they decided to go out with each other.
After jogging together, Sang-su decides to go out with Sang-su and they start dating.

This is a drama about a couple who break up.
Just now couples are breaking up, and one breaks up, and one is made.
but it’s like one broke up just when you thought one broke up.

The main characters are going out and breaking up, and it’s getting pretty exciting.

I also started to watch the show over the past three consecutive holidays, and I thought that the third episode was the one I wanted to watch.


The scene at the sushi bar was actually in episode 1 or 2, but it didn’t make it.
It ends with the scene where they couldn’t make it in time.
But actually, it’s like Soo-yeon saw him getting lost at an intersection on the way to the sushi bar.
But we find out later that Soo-yeon saw him getting lost at the intersection on the way to the sushi shop.

That’s what we find out in the last part of episode 3, and it was really shocking.

That’s when I found it really interesting.
I watched all the episodes up to episode 6, but the title “The Interest of Love (in Japan, Love and Reason)” was a little bit too formal or difficult to understand.
I watched all 6 episodes, and I thought the title “Ai to Ri to” was a bit stiff or confusing.

At first, I didn’t really understand what it meant, but after watching the first three episodes, I realized that it was just like that.
The point is that the ideal marriage partner from all three perspectives is a man who is not a woman.
I think it’s a drama that asks what kind of person is the ideal marriage partner from the three points of view.


Soo Yeon is the partner to whom you are instinctively attracted.
Mi-kyung is the one who is considered a good wife or an ideal partner from a rational or social point of view.


Sang-su is torn between these two, and I think that will be the highlight of the drama.

Soo-yeon is a pretty girl, but she is not very expressive. She lost her younger brother in the past, and she does not get along with her family well.

On the other hand, Mikyung is charming, always smiling, and her family is a big fan of hers.
They are very active, drive their own cars, exercise, and work, of course, but they are both good at their jobs.

Now I’m torn between the two of them.
I am sure that when people ask me which of the two I like better, I say “Suyon” or “Kayo”.
I instinctively like Soo-yeon, so I guess it’s hard for me to decide.
I know I should choose Mi-kyung, but I can’t choose her.

It’s a very enviable problem, though.


So Sang-su chooses Mi-kyung for once.
I think he will end up with Soo-yeon in the end, but I wonder what kind of twists and turns he will have to go through to find his true love.
I think the highlight of the story is how Sang-su finds true love through all the twists and turns.

There are some interesting points from Soo-yeon’s point of view.
Sang-su is a banker with a college degree, and from Soo-yeon’s point of view, he is a very good partner for her.
He’s a very good partner for her, but she feels like she’s being pushed away because she graduated from high school, and the fact that she’s in a workplace relationship is a disadvantage for Sang-su.
Sang-soo feels that workplace romance is not good for her because it’s a disadvantage.


And for Jung-hyun, Jung-hyun is also good-looking, but he is in a similar situation to her.
In addition, he reminds her of her brother who passed away.
I don’t see him as a romantic partner, but more as someone I want to do for him what I couldn’t do for my brother.
I think it’s interesting to see how she depicts him as someone she wants to do the things she couldn’t do for her brother, rather than as a romantic partner.
It’s an interesting way of depicting the character.

The other thing is from Sang-su’s point of view.
I would really like to see this in the future, but Mi Kyung’s family is very wealthy.
Sang-su’s family is very rich, but I think that Sang-su might not be enough as a marriage partner for Mi-kyung.


Sang-su’s mother is a single parent, and since her father passed away, she is all alone.
Since her father passed away, her mother was left to raise Sang-su by herself.
Sunsu went to a smart high school and college.
I went to a smart high school and went to a university, but in the past, I felt quite alienated and studied hard on my own.

I wonder if he is attracted to Soo-yeon because his past overlaps with Soo-yeon’s.
From the perspective of Mi-kyung’s family, even if Mi-kyung likes Sang-su, Sang-su is not good enough for Mi-kyung.

The issue of inequality is a theme that is often discussed in Korean dramas.
Recently, it is not such a funny story in Japan either.
There are cases where regular employees work together with temporary workers and contract workers, and I think it happens in ordinary companies as well.
So I think there are many points that Japanese people can relate to.

I wonder why the workplace itself is a bank…
It seems a bit like the old system or power harassment, so maybe people don’t like to see that.

I also see the bank scene in every episode, but I don’t really want to see it.
The love scenes are a highlight of the show and I especially like Mi-kyung played by Geumsae-rok.
She’s so cute!

Her face is pretty, pretty, but compared to Soo-yeon’s face, she’s not my favorite.
Compared to Soo-yeon, she’s a bit different for different tastes.

But Mi-kyung’s charm and the thickness of her family…
I’m attracted to her.

Her characterization is perfect.
It’s amazing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Mi-kyung’s character.

Today I’d like to introduce “The Interest of Love” which is currently streaming on Netflix!

I’d love it if you could tell me what you thought of it in the comments.
I’d be very happy if you could tell me what you think!

See you later. Bye!


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